Muin the Vine - flowing

enjoy this eleventh book from Ogma's Tale Of The Trees

my poem, the poem's mythology, growing and care, crafts, fuel in the hearth,
and the use of vine for celebration

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We meet on Sunday afternoons between March and end of October around Ireland, to help each other identify plants, trees, and wildlife. We share favourite poems and stories. There is quiet reflective time we call Boladh na SiĆ³ga, Bathing In The Fae's Breath. We also have fun sharing a picnic together. There is NO fee!

Bards In The Woods is our way to encourage people to be in our public forests more often to release stree and return to peace of mind.

Being present in the forests also returns us to our ancient forest culture and discourages "authorities" taking them away from us to develop for commercial gains.

What we do is not a religion, order or cult
There are no dogma, rituals or rules, aside from forest rules

It does costs money to reach people to encourage them to visit their woodlands again,
so please help us by pledging a donation
in return for these publications I produce from time to time.