Muin the Vine ... flow

Wine is the blood that holds us together
Through storms or drought its always fair weather.

A man and woman cannot copulate
when airs of strife and hatred holds,
when truth does is not naked and still,
unwrapped from fables openly told.

Into our glasses
as essence from those isles afar,
splashes of cinnamon, citrus and oak,
nice legs, they say, forming on our jar.

Together we toast what will unite us from vines.
Waters from our wells that nature combines.
Joins together our blood for unity we say.
Water to wine is what joins us today.

Resist gods of winds!
Resist gods of fire!
For with wine its always fair weather
when we are together.

In thy fats our cares be drown’d,
With thy grapes our hairs be crown’d!
Cup us till the world go round,
Cup us and the world will go round!

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