my poem's mythology

flow      sounding the first note of our Autumn

our dreams manifesting into our awaking world

There is a mythology story that tells of the Vine being the key to our dreams manifesting into our waking world. Some people define this as "knowledge" while others define this as "wisdom", but what is the difference?

Bards through the ages have shared stories of Muin the Vine being the spirit that receives, filters and re-distributes the unseen and morphs it into our waking world in forms we can see, smell, touch, hear and taste.

It seems like Muin the Vine, could be the vine of grapes, rosehips or berries. Which fruit we are not sure, but we know they all can be used to make fine wines.

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my Muin the Vine story poem explained ...

Moving into the Third Quarter now, the symbolism of Muin still holds us on to the dream world inspired by Quirt the Apple, but now revealing those dreams into our waking world.

When I think of Muin The Vine its conjours up my imagination to visualize intoxication from wine followed by the revealing consequences when we sober up,  I decided if would be fun to write a story poem that would follow that path.

The opening two lines are an attempt to be poetic about the intent and belief that having a few bevies will transform us into unity, reveal solutions and into a complete knowing of all truths.

The second verse extends this idea to include that even passion may not be possible without a few bevies either, or a few scoops, as is said in Ireland.

Third verse takes us further into the alcohol intoxicated world with an appreciation for the senses being awoken from the addition of spices into a mulled drink.

The words then just carry on this believe that wine and intoxication are a way to bring us together in trust, and through our unity make all of our dreams come true.

Add to this a belief that intoxication by wine or vine will protect us from all harm and I complete this tale with a verse of Shakespeare from Anthony and Cleopatra ... and we know what happened to them.

Overall, this poem is not an attempt at spiritual revelation or even a carrier of a spiritual message of how to be truly united with others, and all life, so that we can gather in our 'harvest'.

Perhaps the following story poems are more useful for that. Meanwhile enjoy the fun here.

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